How Korie and Willie Roberston Discipline Their Kids

November 12, 2015Nov 12, 2015

In an age where spanking your child can practically land you in jail, it's nice to see a couple who isn't afraid of sharing how they discipline their kids. And a couple who has exemplary kids to show for it.


In a recent interview shared in Christianity Today, the Robertson's share that they have used several methods to discipline their kids. "Some of our kids are one way, some of them were hard-headed, some of them were not. Some of them were super sensitive, so you have to take all of that into effect," Willie shared. "I could look at Sadie one way, and she would start cryin'—like that!—it wasn't a spanking or anything like that, she was so sensitive. And John Luke was very hard-headed, and his brother, Will, was very hard-headed."

But when it came to serious offenses, like lying or being disrespectful, Willie and Korie knew a more serious approach was needed.  "There was a handful of spankings," Willie said. "I mean, we certainly use that as an option. Not very much—we try to talk. Sometimes you gotta do a little swat, you know."

Like the time John Luke wouldn't obey. "I said, 'Do not touch' whatever I told him not to touch," Willie shared. "So he was fake touching, and I popped them fingers. He looked at me and he was thinking, 'I didn't touch it!' I was like, 'You don't even act like you're gonna touch it! We're not playin' games.'"

As a mom of 5 kids, Korie knows what it feels like to doubt yourself. But, she said, "Kids need to see a strong role model. They need to see somebody who's confident and knows what's up."

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