How Kindergartners Are Already Being Traumatized By New Gender Teaching At School

August 26, 2016Aug 26, 2016

This is heartbreaking to hear, especially if you are the parent or grandparent of a young child. New gender ideology is quietly, yet forcefully, marching into the public (and in this case, charter) school system--and children are already being deeply and negatively affected.


Here, in an incredibly well-written testimonial from a mother's point of view, Emily describes how the transgender ideology was forced into her children's school with scary calculation. She explains that it began with a kindergarten boy whose parents said wanted to become a girl. It is of some note that the father is also a psychology PhD student whose “primary line of research focuses on the creation and implementation of gender inclusive policies and practices in K-12 public schools.”

Here is Emily's description of the immediate impact of young and older students learning about gender and sexual fluidity.

"Students in the school were not immune to what was happening. Multiple kindergartners were pulled out of the school due to the confusion (and even trauma) they experienced from watching a boy 'transform' into a girl. Five-year-old children know there are differences between boys and girls and this was beyond their ability to comprehend. Parents reported that their kindergartners were asking if they could grow up to become the opposite sex. The high school saw similar confusion. Two girls spoke out at a board meeting, claiming to be gender non-conforming. The GSA club focused its efforts exclusively on the transgender issue and papered the walls of the high school with signs stating that 'Sex Does Not Equal Gender.' There was much discussion at lunch and on the playground of the transgender issue, even among the younger children. My fourth-grader chose not to talk about it all after he determined he was in disagreement with most of his friends. Parents started wearing bright purple buttons to school every day indicating their support of gender ideology. They were impossible to miss and prompted questions from many of the students."

With a very heavy heart and after many other things took place in the school, Emily withdrew her children and is now struggling to pay for private school tuition. She now actively speaks out to warn parents of the dangers of transgender ideology in the schools. "This experience has changed my life and I have committed myself to speaking out against gender ideology wherever I see it, but especially when it puts women, girls and students in danger. Going forward, I refuse to be intimidated and my resolve to speak the truth has only grown as the proponents of this lie act more and more boldly. I hope parents across this country will join me in defending our children against policies that subject them to harmful ideas and dangerous situations. Your child’s body and soul are at stake – Do not be afraid!"

This story is both sad and encouraging. It's sad to hear of young children already being incredibly confused by this teaching but encouraging to hear of a mother make a bold and hard choice to be an advocate for her children and other children. How do you feel after reading this account?