How Hollywood Producer Is Being Reprimanded After Sexual Assault Allegations

October 11, 2017Oct 11, 2017

Last week, reports came out that a famous Hollywood producer is facing multiple sexual harassment allegations. Many Hollywood actresses began accusing Harvey Weinstein of assault and inappropriate conduct.

The original report said that at least 8 women have been paid off by Weinstein to remain silent. Weinstein would target young models, assistants, or actresses, who had aspirations of a notable Hollywood career. 

According to the accounts, Weinstein would prey on the vulnerable girls who were trying to make a name for themselves. He would offer them a boost in their career in exchange for his harassment and their silence. 

Since the news broke, several Hollywood elites have been speaking out against Weinstein. Actresses Angelina Jolie and Gwyneth Paltrow both admitted that Weinstein had harassed them in the early days of their careers. 

Now, Weinstein is facing the much-deserved backlash from his decades of harassment. On Sunday, the producer was fired from his brand, the Weinstein Company. They fired their co-founder after official reports emerged about his actions.

On Wednesday, the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) announced that they will no longer work with Weinstein. They said that his membership will be immediately revoked. 

They said, "Whilst BAFTA has previously been a beneficiary of Mr. Weinstein's support for its charitable work, it considers the reported alleged behavior completely unacceptable and incompatible with BAFTA's values. This has led to Mr. Weinstein's suspension, and it will be followed by a formal process as laid out in BAFTA's constitution."

"We hope this announcement sends a clear message that such behavior has absolutely no place in our industry," they continued. "BAFTA will continue to work with the film, games and television industries to improve access to rewarding and fulfilling careers in safe, professional working environments."

The National Organization for Women is also demanding that Weinstein loses his membership from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. The organization's president, Toni Van Pelt, said that the victims deserve at least that much. 

She said, "It took tremendous courage for these survivors to come forward, in spite of the looming threat of personal and legal retribution from Weinstein, and the fierce shame that so many survivors experience."

On Tuesday night, Weinstein began a rehab journey. According to TMZ, he boarded a private jet to Europe to begin his treatment. He will reportedly enter a live-in facility where he will deal with behavioral issues and his sex addiction. 

Aside from his professional life, Weinstein is facing repercussions in other ways as well. His wife of ten years, Georgina Chapman, announced that she is leaving Weinstein. 

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