How Hillary Will CHANGE ABORTION In America In 3 POWERFUL Ways

October 14, 2016Oct 14, 2016

Power can be good or bad. The Bible says that the tongue has the power to give life or death. And in the case of Hillary Clinton as President, her tongue will most certainly bring death.  She has made strong promises to extend and promote abortion in the United States, appealing to the woman's "power" over her own body.


But is it power when women are secretly in counseling and under depression because of the guilt and pain of abortions? Is is power when a huge percentage of what would be America has been killed? Is it power when Americans begin to view new babies as an inconvenience instead of a blessing? It is not empowering to a nation to kill its own children; it is crippling.

And Clinton will further cripple America in the following 3 powerful ways if President, as Life Site News reports:

  1. 1) Tax dollars will pay for abortions: "The Hyde Amendment prevents federal taxpayer dollars from directly funding abortions in the U.S. According to a study published last month by the Charlotte Lozier Institute, roughly 2 million children have been born who would have been otherwise aborted if not for the Hyde Amendment. Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party have expressly promised to repeal the Hyde and Helms Amendments, which would divert taxpayer funding to pay directly for abortions for the first time in 40 years." So, that basically means that you will go to work, earn a paycheck, and part of that money will go to abort babies.

  2. 2) Citizens will be forced to promote abortions: "A year before her more recent accusation that half of Donald Trump’s supporters are a “basket of deplorables” and “irredeemable,” Hillary Clinton compared pro-life Americans to Jihadi “terrorist groups,” in open hostility to 58 percent of all Americans who oppose abortions in all or most situations."

    "Fit into a larger context, Clinton’s intolerance toward pro-life Americans lines up with new state laws in California and Illinois that have required pro-life citizens, including those working at pregnancy help centers and medical clinics, to speak a state-sponsored message in favor of abortion." Potentially, Clinton would attempt to make it illegal to speak against or oppose abortion in any way. 

  3. 3) Attempts to regulate abortion will be opposed on principle: "Clinton, who celebrated the reversal of a Texas state law requiring abortion clinics to hold admitting privileges to a hospital within 30 miles and comply with ambulatory surgical center standards in the Supreme Court’s Whole Woman’s Health v. Hellerstedt this summer, is an unabashed opponent of any conceivable regulation on abortion."

    "While praising the court’s decision, Clinton reiterated her intention to oppose any law or restriction on abortion: 'Our fight is far from over. In Texas and across the country, a woman’s constitutional right to make her own health decisions is under attack. In the first three months of 2016, states introduced more than 400 measures restricting access to abortion. We’ve seen a concerted, persistent attack on women’s health and rights at the federal level.'"

    Clinton has been clear about wanting to allow abortion up until the day of birth.  This is ludicrous and frankly evil. What do you think of these 3 powerful ways that Clinton would push abortion in America? Let us hear your thoughts and prayers in the Comments! Thank you!