How Gay Adults Are Getting On Campuses To Target Children

March 22, 2016Mar 22, 2016

You send your kid to school thinking they will be relatively safe. Well, as safe as can be in this culture. You already know about the drug pervasiveness, bullying, and sexuality that goes on at campuses today. What you probably don't worry about is your child being targeted by a gay adult and told they are gay--and that having consensual sex is good.


But that is exactly what is happening on school campuses. According to Life Site News, gay clubs, like this one in Tennessee, are sprouting up around the country. (Above is a picture of the school hearing about the club.) Now, you may think: gay kids have the same right to have a club as anyone else. And that's fair. But peer support groups are not what these clubs really are.

They are actually groups led by a gay or trans adult that often meet off campus, where there is no other supervision. Massachusetts has some of these groups and has seen terrible abuse within them. A 20 year old gay activist wrote a confessional letter of the abuses going on within one such group. He admitted to sexual relations with two younger boys, reports Mass Resistance.

Another Massachusetts mother shared her son's experience with a gay club. "Our son was seeing a [therapist] for childhood traumas that are known to cause sexual identity issues in adolescence. At [the gay club] our son was told that he was born gay, could never change, and that anyone who didn't embrace his sexual identity was a hater and a homophobe, including his family. . . He was provided with sexually provocative and anti-Christian literature...The school administrators defended [the school counselor’s] actions [in referring him to them]."


What's even more damning is this gay youth group's mission statement. Boston Alliance of Gay Lesbian Bisexual Transgender Youth (BAGLY) is run by a middle-aged man who dresses as a woman. Adults and youths freely mix and BAGLY'S mission statement is: "[O]ur approach to programming and services is youth-centered, non-judgmental and 'sex-positive' (meaning we think consensual sex is natural and healthy)."

To say this is a concerning trend in America is the greatest understatement. If you have kids or grandkids in school, you will understand the deep worry. Will you let us know how you feel about this information and also post your prayers about it? Thank you so much!