How Deep Does The Rabbit Hole Go? Clinton’s Emails Considered “Too Damaging” To Release

January 31, 2016Jan 31, 2016

The longer the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails drags on, the worse it gets for the Democratic party frontrunner.

It is no secret that many of the emails found on Hillary Clinton’s private server were identified as being either classified or top secret, but now sources within the intelligence community have deemed some of the emails to be “too damaging” to release.  According to Fox News, the emails contain information that cannot be released under any circumstances without seriously jeopardizing national security.

That means that the emails in questions will not be released to the public even with information being blacked out or with redactions because the emails are considered to contain very sensitive and “top secret” information.

Hillary Clinton has claimed that none of the information in any of the emails was considered to be classified at the time it passed through her unsecured server.  That claim seems to have taken another hit with the discovery and withholding of the “damaging” emails. 

Information considered to be that damaging to the security of our nation would have always been classified.

Earlier in January, the investigations revealed that some of the emails on Hillary’s unsecure server were beyond “top secret” and included intelligence from “special access programs.”  Information marked as SAP is considered to be classified from it’s creation.

While this revelation is as appalling as the rest, one has to wonder:  How many more smoking guns are needed before Hillary is made to face the music?