How Billy Graham's Daughter Saw Her Marriage Turn From "Water To Wine"

September 21, 2016Sep 21, 2016

No one is impervious to marital problems, not even Billy Graham's daughter. Anne Graham Lotz describes how she felt "trapped" after ten years of marriage to her husband, Danny, in Charisma Magazine.  "Without my noticing it, the busyness had overtaken me," Lotz shared, "and I awoke one morning to the realization that I was in a marriage in which the love had run out! I will never forget the panicked, trapped feeling I had as I knelt in prayer, desperately pleading with the Lord for help."


But Lotz encourages people, "If you feel trapped in a marriage where the love has run out, praise God! There is hope for you just as there was hope for me. The first step in starting over is to invite Jesus into your marriage."

Lotz brings up the story of how Jesus turned the water into wine at a wedding. She describes how the servants at the wedding needed a miracle just like she did in her own marriage. She shares how God spoke to her about how to see that happen. "I opened my Bible to 1 John 4. As I meditated, God began to give me specific instructions on what to do. His words to me were: 'You are to love Danny because I first loved you. If you say 'I love God,' yet you don't love Danny, you are a liar. Because if you don't love your husband, whom you have seen, you cannot love Me, whom you have not seen. So I give you this command: If you love Me, you must--it's not an option--also love Danny.'"

Lotz continues, "Although God lives within me, His love for Danny is available to me only in proportion to my knowledge of Him. God made this clear to me by saying, 'If you are not able to love Danny, it's because you do not know Me, because I am love.' I knew God had given me the key for changing my marriage--for turning water into wine. The key was not to focus on my relationship with Danny but to focus on my relationship with God!"

Lotz shares how God's marriage prescription began to change her life. "As I spent time with God, He would fill my life. And because God is love, His love would also fill me. Therefore, since God loved Danny, love for Danny would fill my life and overflow from Him, through me, to my husband. It would be weeks before I could say honestly that the water had been turned into wine, but I was no longer frustrated, tense or worried. God gave me peace and joy within as I trusted Him to infuse my life and my marriage with His love."

Lotz and her husband went on to be married for nearly 50 years, until Danny's death last year. She is proof to each of us that your family pedigree doesn't make or break your marriage: God can give each of us a water-to-wine-filled marriage through drawing close to Him. Do you love the advice Lotz gives? Let us hear how you feel in the Comments! Thank you!