How Big Of An Impact Did Evangelicals Have In Iowa? The Data Shows...

February 02, 2016Feb 02, 2016

Ted Cruz's 27.6% win over Donald Trump's 24.3% second place at the Iowa GOP caucus last night certainly contradicted the numerous polls that showed an easy victory for the real estate mogul. But unexpected as well was the number of self-identified evangelicals who showed up to participate in the caucus.


According to the Christian Post, an impressive 64% of Republican caucus goers were evangelical, which was significantly higher than the projected 47%.

And did the big turnout benefit Cruz more than Trump?

Of the 64% of voters who identified as evangelical, 34% cast their ballot for Cruz while 22% chose Trump. Rubio, who only lost to Trump in the race for second place by a small margin, garnered 21% of the evangelical votes.

By contrast, 57% of voters said they were evangelical in the 2012 Iowa GOP caucus.