How Amy Duggar Is Doing Her Faith Differently

February 10, 2016Feb 10, 2016


She wears shorts, drinks alcohol, and listens to secular music. For most people, that would be normal. But growing up as the cousin of the famous, conservative Duggar family, Amy was considered the "rebel." And while that's not a title she sought to have, she understands why she would look like that, in comparison. The Duggars don't drink, listen to secular music, and the women wear skirts or dresses.

But Amy is not out to follow someone else's course.  As she says in her interview with People Magazine, "I play by my own rules." She explains: "I wear pants and listen to music, but I'm not a rebel.  I love the Lord and my family.  I'm just not born to live exactly how they do."


And she is charting her course quite well, in the midst of a great family controversy with Josh's infidelity.  Amy just got married, 6 months ago, to Dillon King. They were friends for 7 years before things turned romantic in 2014.  And while she wasn't a virgin before she got married, Amy and Dillon made up their minds to not have sex before marriage--though, she admits, their boundaries were shaky.  "We had boundaries...a thin line of boundaries," she said with a wink to her husband. 

Now Amy and Dillon are building a firm foundation--with their own unique style.  Amy shares, "We love going to church! On Sundays after service, we go for tacos and mimosas and sit and talk about what we learned." Amy knows that she didn't do things the typical Duggar way, but she feels peace that she found someone who knows and loves her just as she is. "I found my own path, and it's the lifestyle I think is okay to live. It's so refreshing to know that I was true to myself, and I play by my own rules."

We pray her new marriage is blessed and happy for life! Do you agree?