How To Get Free Food At McDonalds This Month Thanks To Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey just gave the world a Christmas gift, via McDonald’s. While everyone knows that Christmas is Mariah season, this particular Christmas season she worked out a really cool deal with the chain, and basically gifted everyone with free food from Mickey D’s via their new app. Say what you want, but a free Big Mac is a pretty tasty early Christmas gift, and that’s not where the deal ends.

All I Want For Christmas….

As many of you are aware, Mcdonald’s has started putting together celebrity-endorsed orders. It began with the Travis Scott meal. It then grew to include a BTS deal. But the Mariah Menu is completely different.

Her special menu is more than just food she likes. It will be available for 12 days and give away food to anyone who uses it up until Christmas. Yes, you get free food. There is no fine print, traps or tricks. You get free food if your app purchases are less than a dollar per day. The diva dished. “Some of my favorite memories with my kids are our family trips to McDonald’s, and of course, each of us has our go-to order,” Carey said in a press release at the time. “Bringing together some of our favorite food from McDonald’s with my all-time favorite season is a holiday wish come true.”

It’s safe to say no one is complaining about free food. That’s the kind of gift that keeps on giving. This gift is truly a gift that keeps on giving, right up to Christmas Eve.


It all started with a simple tweet between Carey and McDonald’s that said “If Mariah retweets this, everyone gets a free Big Mac. She did, simply putting “you’re welcome” as the response. It was smart to use the social media platform to announce it, and make it seem organic.

Even though the company announced it back in November this year, it has generated quite the buzz. You can now get a free Big Mac with the app starting Monday, December 13, 2013. Every day from Monday to Christmas, a different menu item is highlighted and made free to customers.

People can say what they want about Carey and fast food in general, but 2021 was a tough year for a lot of people and this isn’t a bad way to end it. Heck, you can tell people Mariah Carey bought you a Big Mac and you’d almost be telling the truth.

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