How To Deal With Being Arrested To Minimize The Impact On Your Family

While arresting someone is a common reality for many, the charges are often very different. You need to minimize the negative impact that an arrest could have on your daily life. You should also minimize the impact on your family as they will likely be affected in some way by the arrest. We will discuss how to be proactive in your defense. Your attorney will play an important role in your case. You don’t want to choose a public defense attorney who might be overwhelmed with cases. These are some tips that will help you manage your arrest to minimize the impact on your loved ones. 

Get in touch with an attorney immediately

Contacting a battery lawyerIf you were arrested for a single battery charge, it would be important to have an attorney. Others might not be qualified to handle certain cases such as DWI and drug-related charges. The case against the attorney you choose may be difficult to prove. Prosecutors may be able to offer a better plea deal than going to trial. A prosecutor’s conviction rate can be affected by losing a case in trial. 

Explaining the Arrest to Your Children

Chances are your children will be aware that you have been arrested, or that they might have witnessed the arrest. While explaining this can be important, children under 18 should not be told. If you are actually convicted of the crime, teens can use this information as a learning opportunity. Teens can be given information about what to do if they are being questioned by police. Even if you’re arrested, it is possible to refuse to talk until you have a lawyer. Police will ask questions to build a case, so don’t give any material. 

How to keep your employer from arrest 

Most people immediately think of their job when they’re arrested. Some employers will judge you before you are convicted. Your employer should not know if you are being held responsible for driving or any other activity. You can check the employee handbook and company policies to make sure you are not required inform them about an arrest. There are some states that publish mugshots online immediately. To have them removed, you will have to pay. Most employers won’t retroactively check background checks on current employees unless there is a suspicion of something being hidden. 

You can earn money by working part-time during this time. An arrest should not lead to you getting into debt. In the event that you lose your job, you will also have an emergency fund. Employers won’t be very forgiving if you spend several months in jail. You should also look into work release programs and jail on weekends.

Use the tips above to help reduce the impact of an arrest on your entire family as you won’t regret it.