How Noom Mood Can Make A Huge Difference In Managing Daily Stress

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Many of us still feel the effects of 2020’s stress as we move into 2022. Two years and several dumpster fires later managing mental wellness has become more difficult than ever. 

Long-term stress can cause serious health problems. So, if you want to make it to 2030 in one piece, it’s crucial to learn how to manage stress and anxious thoughts. 

Of course, that’s wildly easier said than done. But you don’t have to do it alone. 

It’s 2022, people! There’s an app for everything, including your mental well-being. 

Noom Mood: The Life Hack You’ve Been Waiting For

Noom MoodNoom Mood is the second consumer program of Noom, the digital platform behind Noom Weight, which is a user-friendly program for weight management. Noom Weight is a program that helps you manage your physical health. Noom Mood, however, focuses on your mental health. Mental wellness. 

Artem Petakov and Saeju Jeong developed both programs, along with the original Noom Weight. first launching in 2008. The founders “were dissatisfied with how the American healthcare system focused on SickCare instead of Health care.” 

Moreover, Noom’s founders wanted to make healthcare accessible. Accessing timely healthcare can be complicated depending on where you live, who your insurance covers, and other factors. Noom Mood allows you to have complete control over your own healthcare.

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Noom’s mission is to “help people everywhere live healthier lives through behavior change.” The platform  “provides the insight, education, and skill development to help you understand the ‘why’ behind your behaviors.” 

Participating in the Noom Mood programme is as easy as downloading an application to your smartphone. Users receive a daily lesson, but don’t be fooled by the academic terminology. 

Noom Mood’s bite-sized courses take around 10 minutes to complete. This makes it easy for busy people to fit it in their busy schedules. You’re constantly on your phone as it is. Why not make it work? For you? 

How does it work exactly?

Your Noom Mood journey startsA questionnaire that will help you better understand your needs. This survey will help you identify the root causes of stress as well as any coping strategies that you currently use. 

The program then compiles the data into an easy to read graph. The graph shows how positive mood moments can increase/decrease while on the program. 

Once you’ve committed to your Noom Mood program, you get to set the pace. You can work through your curriculum at your own pace or as fast as you want. You can take part in any class, at any time, thanks to its digital platform. 

Preview of the Noom Mood program.
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The daily, 10-minute lesson is included in the curriculum. Noom Mood encourages daily mood logging from X to Z to better track your mental progress. The program also offers one-on-one coaching and a variety mindfulness techniques. 

Noom Mood’s program is “rooted in psychological principles,” their website states. “Through behavior change, the program will empower you to take control and build resilience. So, you can worry less, sleep better, and ultimately, feel happier.”

It sounds pretty good, right? If your stress and anxious thoughts have turned you into a cynic like me, your next question might be: what’s the catch? 

Clear Consciousness: The Price 

Ironically, certain mental health programs can actually add MoreStress with sky-high membership fees That isn’t the case with Noom Mood

New users can enjoy a 14-day trial. The four-month plan costs $149 after two weeks. This works out to $8.69 per week, which is a fair price considering the benefits it offers. 

Chronic stress can lead you to a variety of health problems. head-to-toe health issues. The mental impacts–anxiety, depression, brain fog–are the most obvious. Chronic stress can lead to GI and cardiovascular complications as well as muscular complications. 

$8.69 per week is pocket change compared to the money you save on medical bills. If you need more context in real life, think about all the OtherItems you could spend $10 on during a week. 

With Noom MoodYou get the same amount of money, if not more, but infinitely more benefits. That’s what we call a Win-win-win

Make 2020 the best decade yet 

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Noom Mood is rooted firmly in science. The NoomMood team includes experts from the fields of psychology, integrative medical, neuroscience, and statistics. Their research is comprehensive, peer-reviewed, evidence-based and comprehensive. 

Despite its clear mental wellness benefits, it’s important to note that Noom Mood is not a replacement therapy. Noom Mood is a therapy that can be used with other solutions, even though not everyone will need it. Supplement. These results can make a huge difference in your life, especially when combined with other mental wellness practices. 

Sure, Noom Mood doesn’t make stress magically disappear. Unfortunately, this program doesn’t include picking the kids up from school or fixing that leaky gutter you’ve been ignoring. Noom Mood teaches you how to Deal with stress–not avoid it. 

Since 2020, life has been throwing curveballs our direction. We all don’t know what 2020 holds. If the past two years are any indication, anxious and stressful thoughts will be here to stay. 
The 2020s could be your best decade yet, despite all the trash and ashes. It takes a little practice and some time. help of Noom Mood.