How I Let Fiance Grant Hughes Out of the Friend Zone

Grant Hughes and Sophia Bush
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Change her perspective. Sophia BushShe spoke out about the things she was about consider. Grant HughesAs more than a friend after a decade, leading eventually to their engagement.

On the Monday, June 13, episode of the “Drama Queens” podcast, the Good Samaritan39-year-old actress spoke out about her cohosts. One Tree HillAlums Hilarie BurtonAnd Joy LenzHer outlook on life and her love for each other has been transformed.

“Joy and I, we process a little more slowly,” Bush noted, referencing Burton’s 12-year relationship with Jeffrey Dean MorganThe Virginia native, now 39, has two children with him.

California native, Heather, became emotional as she told her friends, whom he had met more than 20 years ago. OTHThey were a great help in identifying the reasons she was choosing wrong romantic relationships. “Something I will always cherish in both my friendships with you is that we’ve held mirrors up to each other for a very long time,” she said. “Both of you have said versions to me of what you just said, Hilarie, which is it’s about discernment and sympathy.”

How Sophia Bush Finally Let Fiance Grant Hughes Out of the Friend Zone 2

Grant Hughes and Sophia Bush
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Bush was slow to realize that she was only choosing partners she believed she could help in some way. Eventually, the “Work In Progress” podcast host realized that “to fix and help and save and mother and all the s–t — that’s not your responsibility as a partner.”

After taking a step back and questioning herself about why she was choosing relationships which never worked out, she had another realization. “Well, I’m a romantic, I’m a storyteller, I believe in people. I’m an optimist, so I often fall in love with potential,” the human rights activist revealed. “It is not, as a partner, my job or your job to help another person realize their potential. You can support someone in realizing their potential — you can’t make them do it.”

Everything changed when the internet was created. John Ticker Must DieStar decided to change her approach to choosing dates. “When I shifted the place that I pick from or that I was willing to see potential from to being not sympathetic but inspired, I went, ‘Oh, oh!’” Bush recalled.

That’s where Hughes, 40, comes in. Hughes, 40, is the answer. False Positive actress continued, “It’s not lost on me — nor any of my friends — that the person that I went, ‘Oh!’ about, I’d known for 10 years.”

Burton exclaimed, “You already were friends with him, Sophia!”

Brooke Davis, the actress who played the role of Brooke on WB/CW’s series, said that her loved ones saw the spark between Brooke and the entrepreneur years before she. “And everybody was like, ‘Welcome to your own party, ya idiot.’ And I was like, ‘Well, cool, I’m glad I’m here,’” she said.

Bush was previously married to Chad Michael MurrayFrom 2005 to 2006. Hughes will be her second marriage. The Chicago P.D. Alumna of Chicago Police Department believes that her age has only helped to find true love.

“I hate that the world has made us think that as we get older we’re stuck in our ways or it gets harder to find our person,” she said. “I just think you get smarter and you know yourself better, and you have the capability to shift the place you choose from in a way now [that you didn’t have in years prior].”

Hughes proposed in August 2021 on Italy’s Lake Como in a classic wooden speedboat. “So it turns out that being your favorite person’s favorite person is the actual best feeling on planet Earth 💫,” she captioned her Instagram announcement at the time.

In his own post at that time, the University of Oklahoma alum extolled the star. “She is my forever Favorite. This is my favorite. And our life is that we’re building because she said ‘Yes’ is already my favorite,” Hughes wrote via Instagram alongside photos from the romantic proposal. “I am SO EXCITED to do life with you, Babers.”

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