How Her Teenage Dreams Led To An Impressive Fortune

There are millions of great books in the literary world. Every genre contains real gems that could change your life. Then, once in a blue moon, there is a writer that changes the landscape of a reader’s experience. Sarah J. Maas, one of these authors, is among them. At first glance from an outsider’s point of view, Maas could be viewed as just another fantasy writer. To her fans, she’s considered literary royalty, writing some of the most beloved young adult fantasy novels in recent memory. She’s sold over 12 million copies of her booksAll of them were translated into 37 languages. With that amount of raging success, what is Sarah J. Maas’ net worth? 

Who is Sarah J. Maas and Why Are They Important?

Sarah J. Maas is considered one of the best fantasy authors

Maas was born in 1986 and grew up in New York. It is possible to argue that Maas was born to write. Throne of GlassAt the tender age 16. During an interview with BooktopiaMaas revealed that she felt a strong pull to write complex fairy tales from an early age. “I think it was just something that I was born with – and definitely stemmed from my love of reading (my mom tells anyone who will listen that when I was a baby, she’d find me pawing through my books – even though I couldn’t read – just admiring all the pages).”

It’s easy to agree with her declaration, considering how wildly successful her books have become. She began work on her seven-book series when she was just 23 years old. Throne of GlassShe knew her stories would be published both in high school as well as college. In 2008, she got her first publishing deal. Since then, she’s written quite a few books, including the A Court of Thorns and Rosesseries and her Crescent City series. Don’t worry, she doesn’t plan on stopping writing any time soon. While Crescent CityShe currently plans to create a trio. keep the door openFor more information, And even though Throne of GlassMaas is currently working on a new series. A Court of Thorns and Roses series. 

Her Books are Worth Millions

What does Sarah J. Maas really have to offer? While she hasn’t hit household name status (yet), Wealthy PersonsHer net worth is estimated at around $40 million. Maas doesn’t receive income from just her novels—she also continues to attend literary-related events and hundreds of fan artists have permission from Writer’s House to license her characters’ likenesses. According to Suggest, official licensing from Maas requires fan artists to pay 20% of profits on all prints/products sold worldwide. When considering most events and limited edition products sell out within minutes, it’s easy to see how she amassed her fortune. 

On top of that, Maas’ childhood dreams have headed in a direction no 16-year-old could ever fathom: in 2021, Hulu announced a television adaptation of A Court of Thorns and Roses. This will make her a household star. We can imagine that she will have a loyal and obsessive following, which will be able to offer opinions on the entire production.

We look forward to seeing what she does next!