How do you look after your mental health as winter approaches? – FFA

Autumn. Autumn leaves, fading light and earthy colours, that nostalgic feeling for the summer gone by. For many, it’s the most beautiful season.

For others, it’s tinged with anxiety about the encroaching winter; the long nights, the cold days, not getting out the house as much. There are also concerns about heating homes, keeping lights on, and rising energy costs.

It raises a question: How do you look after your mental well-being as winter approaches? That’s what we’re asking Positive News readers ahead of World Mental Health Day on Monday.

We want to know what you do to keep your spirits up as the temperature drops and the sun goes down. What are your wellbeing strategies

On Monday, World Mental Health Day (World Mental Health Day), insightful responses will be published in an article that will inspire others. Fill out the form below to participate.