How Catherine Giudici Handles ‘Very Emotional’ Kids’ Tantrums

Tantrum time. Three little ones at home Catherine GiudiciShe is an expert in managing meltdowns.

“It’s different for each child,” the BachelorExclusively told by alum, 35 Us Weekly on Thursday, April 7, while promoting her partnership with Mrs. T’s Pierogies. “I think you have to understand the individual child that you’re connecting with or trying to learn about.”

The former reality star noted that her eldest son, Samuel, 5, is “sensitive” and “very emotional,” while his 3-year-old brother, Isaiah, is “happy go lucky.” As for Mia, 2, the toddler is a “drama queen.”

How Catherine Giudici Handles Her Very Emotional Kids Tantrums

Catherine Giudici Lowe, Sean Lowe, and Samuel, Isaiah and Mia.
Courtesy Catherine Giudici Lowe/Instagram

When it comes to “navigat[ing] all the different children as … only one person,” the Bachelor Nation member and her husband, Sean Lowe, have “learned over time.”

The former ABC personality explained, “I always think, ‘What would I want Sean Lowe to do when I come to him?’ Because tantrums are when they’re comfortable with you. Whenever there’s a tantrum, I’m like, ‘That’s what I do to Sean Lowe.’ Like, I’m great in front of everybody else, but I come home and vent to my husband because I know he’s going to love me unconditionally. So when my kids do that to me, I have to take it as them loving me and feeling safe with me.”

Giudici’s hope, she added, is that Samuel, Isaiah and Mia will “continue to come to her” and “feel safe” doing so.

The graphic designer also gushed about her “great” communication with Lowe, 38, saying that she and the former Bachelor “really understand [their]What roles? [they] need from each other.”

How Catherine Giudici Handles Her Very Emotional Kids Tantrums

Catherine Giudici Lowe

Giudici told Us, “He calms me down. He also teaches me how to treat my children when they’re venting to me. I am always learning something new every day from him. He’s such a good dad. And he’s a great partner. I have no complaints about that man.”

For expanding her and the Bachelorette alum’s family, the Marriage Boot Camp alums are “done” having kids “biologically,” Giudici revealed.

Raising the three kids she already has is “fulfilling, rewarding” and also “overwhelming, she told Us on Thursday — which is why the Washington native loves Mrs. T’s Pierogies All Star Moms campaign.

“All moms are eligible to win between $5,000 to $15,000 and pierogi prize packs,” Giudici explained. “It’s really just celebrating moms and encouraging them and supporting them on their passions and hobbies because moms just really don’t spend a lot of intentional time cultivating their own path … aside from being a mom.”

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