How Blake Shelton Earned More Money Than Taylor Swift In 2021

Most people would assume Taylor SwiftA higher earner than Blake Shelton. Just because she’s got more Grammy’s doesn’t mean she makes more money, however. Shockingly, Shelton made more money in 2021 than the “Betty” singer. Here’s how he did it.

Highest Earners In Music

Rolling StoneAnnounced the ten highest-paid musicians2021 Bruce Springsteen topped this list due to his podcast, book, as well as selling his back catalogue to Sony. This is a record-breaking $550 million he earned from the Sony deal. This is another indication of Shelton’s success.

Taylor Swift, who is the only woman on this list, comes in at number 10. Swift famously does not own her masters, so she’s chosen to re-record her own music. Two of these recordings are shown below. Red FearlessThese were the top five most-sold albums of the year. Throw in some lucrative partnerships, and it’s not surprising to see Swift hit $80 million.

Shelton Reaps Even More

Shelton was the highest-earning country singer last year, taking home $83 million. The VoiceAt least $10 million was earned by Shelton, and a new album also helped. Shelton, however, went on tour and earned $14.5 million. Not bad.

Factoring in his commercials and partnerships, Shelton still wouldn’t come close to what Swift earned. How did he do this? He also sold his catalog. In fact, the majority of top earners in 2021 were those who sold their music to corporations. According to the magazine, Shelton earned $50 million from an unreported sale.

Selling catalogs is the best way

Stars selling catalogs to labels dominate the top ten list. Shelton is joined by Lindsey Buckingham who made $100 million selling his catalog to Hipgnosis. The Red Hot Chili Peppers did likewise and made $145 million.

Mötley Crüe hasn’t released new music in years, but they’re number 8 on this list thanks to a $95 million master-recordings sale to BMG. Springsteen accompanied Paul Simon, but Simon chose Sony. OnlyHis entire catalog was worth $260 million.

One of Swift’s own writing partners made more than her. Ryan Tedder, OneRepublic frontman songwriter 1989He sold his publishing rights for $200 million. You have to hand it to Swift though: she’s the only woman in the top 10 and didn’t get there by selling her publishing rights.

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