Houston Plane Crash Survivor Stuns America with Tear Jerking Performance

August 30, 2017Aug 30, 2017

Kechi, singing contestant on America’s Got Talent, has made headlines multiple times for her beautiful voice and heartwarming story. Kechi, from Houston, Texas, is a plane crash survivor who is touching hearts in America with her talented voice.

On this week’s show, which took place in the midst of the Hurricane Harvey aftermath, Kechi sang “Grace of God” by Katy Perry. Her tear jerking performance earned her a standing ovation and words of praise from all four judges.

Howie Mandel's comments really left an impact on America; he pointed out that the timing of Kechi’s inspiring performance and the fact that she is from Houston herself, is “serendipitous.” He continued, “[The people of Houston] need you; you are a symbol. Thank you so much.”

After hearing from the judges, America’s Got Talent host Tyra Banks asked, “What do you want to say to everybody in Houston right now that is suffering?” Kechi’s response was absolutely amazing.

She replied hoping that people in Houston are eventually able to see her performance, “I pray that my performance gave them something positive to see...hopefully they feel something positive and feel strength to move on.”

Listen to her story and “Grace of God” performance below. If you love this story, share it on your Facebook page!

In breaking news, the National Hurricane Center announced where Hurricane Harvey is headed next. Please keep everyone affected by this tragic situation in your thoughts and prayers. Thank you!

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