Houston Astros Respond to Potential White House Visit

November 06, 2017Nov 06, 2017
Updated nov 12 2017 1130AM ET

On November 1st, the Houston Astros took the winning title of the 2017 MLB World Series Champions against the Los Angeles Dodgers. The final score ended with a whopping 4-run lead—the Dodgers had 1 and the Astros came out with 5.

As tradition holds, sports championship teams usually receive an invitation to visit the White House and meet the President of the United States. This has always been seen as an honorable and exciting opportunity for winning sports teams, but since President Donald Trump came into office, the opportunity has become very controversial.

Super Bowl LI champs the New England Patriots, 2017 Stanley Cup winners the Pittsburgh Penguins, and 2017 National Champions for college football the Clemson Tigers all graciously accepted Trump’s invitation to the White House. However, several players, including Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, did not attend—some were believed to be for personal matters, but others made it clear that they did not want to show support for our President.

Recently, the Golden State Warriors won the 2017 NBA finals. Initially, the team was invited, but one of their star players—Steph Curry—sparked controversy for his comments condemning President Trump. Trump responded by rescinding their invitation.

After President Trump congratulated the Astros on their epic World Series win, fans were curious as to whether the winning baseball team would visit the White House if an invitation was extended. Fans reacted to the possibility—the majority of which were not pleased with the idea.

A representative for the Astros recently commented on the situation, giving a very vague response. As of November 11th, 2017, the team is still undecided on whether the players will visit the White House to meet President Trump. Executives for the team are concerned that politics will interfere with celebrating the historical win due to the current political division of our country, according to ESPN.

The manager for the Astros stated, “We just won the first world championship in Houston Astros history. We're also in one of the most divided countries, polarizing countries in politics. I don't know that this is the best stage for everybody to declare one way or the other and try to comment on the moment and be too much of a political statement."

He continued, "What comes out of this moving forward on the political side or what we do or don't do or what sports has turned into, to kind of representing the country's tone — that'll be decided in time," he said. "We're not going to allow anything to polarize this moment that we want to celebrate with our fans."

Despite the Astros' original reply, several players stated they would attend the White House visit if invited and the team decides to go. The World Series MVP's reason for attending stood out, in particular, receiving much praise from conservatives. 

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