House Passes Last Minute Spending Bill, Senate Approval Uncertain

January 18, 2018Jan 18, 2018

Late Thursday the House unanimously passed a temporary spending bill in a last-ditch effort to ward off a government shutdown. But the future of that bill seems tenuous as it moves to the Senate floor.

The vote in favor of the bill was 230-197, according to Fox News. Eleven Republicans voted no, while six Democrats voted yes.

President Trump urged both parties to reach a deal by tweeting, “House of Representatives needs to pass Government Funding Bill tonight. So important for our country – our Military needs it!”

The bill would keep the government running until February 16. Within it a multi-year extension is included of the Children’s Health Insurance Plan (CHIP); however, there is no mention of the legalization of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program (DACA). That program offers support to children brought to the country by illegal immigrants.

Democrats have pushed for DACA spending, but President Trump has made clear that he will not support any funding for the program unless it includes tougher border security measures, including funding for a wall.

The bill, although through the House, may meet an uncertain future in the Senate. The Republicans, who hold the majority, need 60 votes to keep the bill from filibustering. That means that the party needs 10 Democrats to vote with them. Yet Democrats have stressed that they are opposed to the bill.

"The overwhelming number in our caucus have said they don't like this deal and they believe if we kick the can down the road this time we'll be back where we started from next time," Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-NY, said. "So there's very, very strong support not to go along with their deal."

Yet other Democrats, such as Dianne Feinstein of California, have said that if they have to, they’ll support a bill.

“If we have to, yes,” she said. “I hope not. So it’s just that difficult, precipitous time before you know what’s gonna happen.”

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