Hostess' Making Deep Fried Twinkies? Oh, Yes...

August 12, 2016Aug 12, 2016

The sweet treat that was almost annihilated before fans demanded the return of the end-of-the-world snack is back, and this time it's got reinforcements.

Straight to a Walmart near you and into your gurgling intestines, Hostess is releasing Deep Fried Twinkies today, available only at the big box store for the next three months.

But before you open a $4.76 box of seven and pop one of these gastronomical delights into your pie hole, beware or you might break a tooth.

According to the Chicago Tribune, the Deep Fried Twinkies are only partially fried before they're frozen and boxed. It's up to you to do the rest with your oven or stove. But just imagine how your whole house will smell.

Would you try one?