Host Of 'The View' Attacks Trump With This Outrageous Statement

August 05, 2015Aug 05, 2015

Kelly Osbourne attempted to attack Donald Trump’s views on illegal immigration but instead ended up making remarks just as bad or even worse than Trump. 

Judge for yourself…

In his brash statement, Trump was specifically referencing illegal aliens in the country and the criminal acts that some engage in (he did paint an unfortunate and broad picture about all illegal aliens though).  While he was referencing the immigration policies that allow criminals to freely enter the country, he did go too far by implying that all illegal aliens are “rapists”.  He was right though that by definition, illegally entering the country is a criminal act.  It is against the law.

Osbourne’s comments on the other hand imply that Trump wants to forcibly remove all Latinos (including legal citizens) from the country and that all Latinos clean toilets or are relegated to menial jobs.

What do you think about Osbourne's statements?