Host Cinque Cerra-Saunders Explores Tiny Living

The housing market has experienced dramatic changes over the past two decades, with many people moving into tiny homes or RVs. Living SmallerHost Cinque Cerra-Saunders is very excited to shed light on this new normal in the A&E series.

Through the series which premiered on June 4, viewers See how creative people are able to save money, take vacations, and still make a living at work. thanks to their compact lifestyles. Living SmallerThis article highlights the fascinating and exciting ways that people transform unusual and unlikely spaces into incredible places. Call home.

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“Our show is about showing people who are finding a way to make their dreams happen through tiny living,” Cerra-Saunders told Triblive following the show’s debut. “For many people on the show, that means the financial freedom of not having to go to work every day, quitting their corporate jobs.”

While the tiny living community hasn’t been tapped into on television as much as other areas of design, Living SmallerCelebrates the people who have taken on the challenge.


Cerra-Saunders, a former New York City resident has experienced this type of living before. While discussing the show’s impact, he explained a few out of several reasons why someone may decide to “live small.”

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“You do see a lot of people who build a (tiny) home, realize that there’s so much earning potential with Airbnb and other short-term rental sites and so it becomes a family business,” the A&E host said. “But you also encounter people who decide that they want to travel with their spouse, or even their children, and don’t have the means to do it, so they convert a pickup truck into a means to see the world with their family.”

Tiny houses can be a wonderful example of innovation. They include vintage trailers, houseboats, and luxury treehouses. Tune in to see just how creative people are willing to get — and maybe even be inspired to follow their lead.

Living Smaller airs on A&E Saturdays at 12 p.m./11 a.m. CT.

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