Sickening Video Shows Hospital Staff Members Mishandling Newborn Babies

September 20, 2017Sep 20, 2017

Newborn babies are extremely delicate human beings and must be treated with proper care to prevent serious injuries, long-term effects, or even death. A parent, care provider, or medical professional would especially understand the risks that accompany mishandling a newborn baby.

However, two hospital staff members recently put newly born babies at risk in a very sickening way. While infants were in the care of these staff members, the two women recorded themselves motioning a baby to dance to a rap song by hip-hop artist 50 cent.

They posted the video online, revealing an image of the child’s face, which is illegal on its own. In addition, they shared a picture making an inappropriate gesture to the newborn and referring to the baby as a “mini Satan.”

Their horrid actions, of course, sparked massive outrage. Despite the fact the actions in itself were extremely wrong, by constantly being on their phones, the employees clearly weren’t giving their full attention to the children in need of care.

The hospital released a statement in response via social media on September 18th, ensuring the public that they are aware of the “outrageous, unacceptable, incredibly unprofessional, and intolerable” incident. The two staff members were immediately removed and more serious legal punishments are to follow.

According to Palm Beach Post, one of the employees later apologized, “We were being stupid and bored. Sorry for offending.” Regardless, the two staff members will most likely face multiple criminal charges for their horrifying actions, including child abuse.

Praise the Lord—the babies involved are reportedly very healthy with no injuries after the incident. Watch the CBS News video below for more information. How would you react if this was your child or grandchild? Share your thoughts on this story in our Facebook comments.

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