Horrible New Details Emerge After Suspect Charged with Murder of Young Star Athlete

September 18, 2018Sep 18, 2018

On early Tuesday morning, the heartbreaking news was reported that 22-year-old Celia Barquin Arozamena died. The talented Iowa State University golfer's body was found the day prior at Coldwater Links golf course in Ames, Iowa. 

On Tuesday morning, officials also revealed that they had arrested a suspect in the case. 22-year-old Collin Daniel Richards was charged with first-degree murder. 

When the news of Celia's death first emerged, little information was given. Police had confirmed that they had responded to an early morning call on Monday morning after her body was spotted near the water. There were also reports of a golf bag "with no one around it on the course."

Now, more information has been given regarding Celia's cause of death. [Editor's Note: the information below is extremely disturbing regarding the suspect's motives and Celia's cause of death].

According to reports, the suspect had a long history of violence and drug use throughout his life. Additionally, Richards was also charged with abusing his former girlfriend and becoming extremely violent.

Officials on the case described the moment that they found Celia's body. They said that while conducting a search in the area after receiving alarming phone calls, they found one male who was an acquaintance of Richards and lived in the same area as him. When they approached the male, currently being identified as "D.B.," he first asked, "What did he do to her?" 

"D.B." told police that Richards had made some troubling statements in the days prior to the murder, telling him that he "had an urge to rape and kill a woman."

That afternoon while officers were roaming around the camp area where Richards was staying, they ran into the suspect. They reported that he had scratches on his face and a laceration in his left hand. Additionally, he was holding a backpack which had previously been left at the scene.

During his initial interview, Richards told officials that he was not staying at his normal residence during the time of the attack but instead was with a friend.  When officials interviewed that friend, Richards' claims did not add up. His friend told officials that Richards showed up to his house covered in blood, sand, and water, looking extremely disheveled. 

Tragically, Celia was stabbed to death. The Iowa State female athlete of the year who moved to the U.S. from Spain to pursue her athletic career will never be given a chance to compete again. 

Please be praying for Celia's family, friends, and teammates during this horrible time. This information is absolutely heart-wrenching and the grief that her loved ones must be feeling is unfathomable. Share your prayers here. In other recent news,  please also be praying for the family of the notorious older brother of a rock legend who just died from cancer.