Homicide Charges Filed In Deadly School Bus Crash

November 22, 2016Nov 22, 2016

Homicide charges have been filed in a deadly school bus crash Monday afternoon in Chattanooga, Tennessee that took the lives of five to six children.

Up to 23 children were also rushed to the hospital after the bus crashed into a house, rolled over, and was sliced nearly in half by a tree. Reports have been contradictory on how many children were killed. The woman who lived inside the house that was hit escaped injury.

Now the 24-year-old bus driver, Jonthony Walker is being charged with multiple counts of vehicular homicide, according to ABC News Channel 9.

CNN is reporting that Chattanooga Police Chief Fred Fletcher said the conditions were dry and that "Certainly, speed is being investigated very, very strongly as a factor in this crash."

Walker reportedly has been cooperative with investigators. According to his mother, who defended her son as hardworking and respected, Walker immediately tried to get the kids off the crashed bus but found many of them limp and unresponsive with blood everywhere.

It took emergency crews almost two hours for them to get all the kids off the bus, according to the Associated Press.

The community has rallied around the victims and their families. Hundreds of people lined up on Monday to give blood after a call was sent out for donations. Local pastor Tavner Smith and Venue Church staff came to the school to offer children and their families support.

Smith remarked, "It's devastating. You send your kids to school and think you're going to see them that evening. We're really just praying for all the families right now, for what they're going through."

Readers, thank you for your abundant prayers yesterday. We received over 2,800 prayer messages, and we know God hears His people's prayers. Please continue to pray for healing.