Homeschooled Kids Accused Of Making Too Much Noise When Playing Outside

January 18, 2016Jan 18, 2016

In a digital era where parents are worried about their kids not spending enough time playing outside, one family is being sued for their kids playing outside too much. Or, at least, too loudly.


According to CBS Dallas-Fort Worth, when Kelly Counts' family moved into a Plano, Texas neighborhood and set up a playhouse for their four kids in her backyard, they never imagined their kids' playtime would get them hit by a lawsuit from their next-door neighbors, Irving and Anita Ward.

The Wards claim that because the kids — ages 2 to 10 — are homeschooled, they're playing outside constantly, and the noise never stops.

Counts was flabbergasted by their complaint, saying, “It’s unfathomable to me. I can’t imagine the sound of kids playing at any age or stage of my life and thinking that I needed to sue someone over it. The Wards have never once asked me to tone down the noise of the kids playing.”

Counts also claims that the Wards, who say the noise is upsetting their "tranquil quality of life," are also retaliating by blasting music with raunchy lyrics from their house just a few feet away.

The Wards refused to comment without the presence of an attorney, but Counts says, “I don’t feel comfortable in my own backyard."

Both sides may seek damages if the case heads to court.