Homeowner Sets Trap for Package Thieves, and the Video Is Hard to Not Watch

December 15, 2017Dec 15, 2017

Tired of package thieves? One homeowner in Tacoma, Washington was. And that’s why he decided to rig a little surprise for anyone trying to swipe a box off his front porch.

According to ABC affiliate KTRK, Jaireme Barrow was frustrated when he was trying to order new parts for his Jeep but kept having the delivery boxes stolen in broad daylight before he could bring them inside.

His solution? Develop a device that fires shotgun shells when anyone picks up a bobby-trapped box that he’s strategically placed on his porch.

But surely peppering a would-be thief with shotgun pellets is a bit overkill, isn’t it? That’s why Barrow uses blank shotgun shells, which still deliver a loud enough bang to send the ne'er-do-wells — literally — tripping over their own feet in an effort to get away.

Barrow said that before he started using his Blank Box device, he’d have packages stolen from in front of his home almost every day due to its location on a busy thoroughfare. But now, according to Inside Edition, 15 unsuspecting package pilferers have gotten the surprise of their lives in just the last year-and-a-half, including twice in the past week.

When Barrow first started using his early version of the Blank Box last year, it drew negative attention from the local police, according to the Seattle Times.

“If the would-be package thief is hurt in any way, the homeowner would be responsible,” said Tacoma Police spokeswoman Loretta Cool, also suggesting that Barrow could face criminal charges.

A year later, though, Barrow has developed his device — that he says is harmless — into a business that sells the Blank Boxes for between $50 and $70. Plus, when it comes to his own use of the Blank Box, he captures potential snatchers’ reactions when the noise bomb goes off. Take a look for yourself:

Earlier this year, police departments in several cities across the country were planting GPS-rigged bait packages in front of homes in order to catch serial package thieves. They received criticism for the sting operations because people felt they were unfair to the criminals. Take a look:

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