Homeless Man Helps Manchester Victims, Unexpectedly Rewarded for His Act of Kindness

May 24, 2017May 24, 2017

On the evening of the horrific Manchester bombing, a homeless man selflessly helped victims who were attacked. The terror attack resulted in 22 lives being taken and nearly 60 people injured, which many of were teenagers and children.

The 35-year-old man, who has been identified as Stephen Jones, was sleeping outside the concert arena at the time of the attack.

During an interview that was shared by the New York Post, Jones explained what he witnessed.

“Just because I’m homeless doesn’t mean that I haven’t got a heart and I’m not human still. They needed the help and I’d like to think someone would come and help me if I needed the help. It was just instinct. You’re going to help if someone needs your help and it was children, a lot of children with blood all over them, crying and screaming.”

“We were having to pull nails out of their arms and a couple out of this little girl’s face. Some lady, she got cut from her side, so my mate had to hold her legs up… we just held her legs up because we thought she was just going to bleed right out.”

“If I didn’t help, I wouldn’t be able to live with myself for walking away and leaving kids like that.”

According to the New York Post, West Ham co-chairman David Sullivan and his son were so appreciative of Jones’s kind deed that they offered to find him a home and pay rent for the first six months.

Please continue to pray for those affected by the Manchester suicide bombing.

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