Homeless man throwing birthday party for his dog goes viral and leads them to a better life

Some people are unable to find shelter and support themselves because they cannot live without their pets. These animals give them a reason to smile and celebrate, as was the case for a man in Bucaramanga, Colombia, named Choko José Luis Matos.

Choko was spotted earlier this year by a passerby while he was sitting on steps in a local park with his four legged companions, Shaggy, and Nena.

It looked like they were basking in the warm evening air. But the party hats suggested that this was a special occasion.


As it turns out, the friends were celebrating Shaggy’s birthday. Choko gave the pets to the sleeping dogs before revealing a small piece of cake and candles. Then, he started singing them a “Happy Birthday” while clapping his hands.

Choko lit two candles on the cake, while the two dogs watched. After the flames had gone out, the homeless man gave each of the pups a kiss on the cheeks. He then took out a small, plastic knife and cut the cake.

Choko Matos celebrating his dog's birthday

Choko cut a slice of cake for each pet and placed it on paper plates before he gave it to them. He also got his own plate, and began to eat. As they ate, Choko seemed to get emotional and began to cry.

When you think about it, the party hats and plates and candles cost Choko money that could have been used to buy food. He knew that his dogs deserved a celebration because he was a loving pet owner.

Choko then watched as the birthday boy finished his cake, before giving him a hug. The loving owner gave Choko more kisses and the other dog received even more.

Choko Matos and his dogs-4

After he had stopped filming, the photographer who captured the precious moment approached Choko and asked about their lives. He learned that Choko had been abused and had spent the past several years on the streets.

Despite not having a place to call home or a job, Choko made sure Nena (and Shaggy) were always taken care. They were his only family and he loved them with all his heart.

The video was shared online by the person who took it. It inspired people to donate food, money, and supplies to help Choko get back on his feet.

Choko Matos and his dogs-5

The party turned the park into a meeting place for animal lovers. People were able to take pictures of the man and his dogs, and he became an overnight celebrity.

That was only the beginning of the blessings that would come upon Choko’s life. A person who heard his story gave him a new phone. This allowed him to create his own Instagram account, with over 186,000 followers.

On one Instagram live, he shared his story and stated that he was originally from the municipality of El Peñón. Choko explained that Shaggy was celebrating his fourth birthday that day and Nena hers in November.

Choko Matos hugging his dog

Choko also shared his dreams to pursue music and build an animal shelter.

His Instagram shows that things are improving for Choko and Shaggy. They have a place to live and a better future. He has also started to give back by creating and selling shirts, and donating a portion of the proceeds to animal abuse.

“In so many years living on the street I was never alone. My dogs were always there to bring joy to many sad days and now together we are going to help many who need us!” he shared.

We’re so glad to hear that this trio is thriving and now helping others! Click the video below to watch the precious moment between Choko’s dogs and his owner.

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