Homecoming Soldier Dad Practically Gives Teen Daughter A Heart Attack

September 20, 2016Sep 20, 2016

Sergeant Carlos Solis Melendez has been serving our country while deployed to Kuwait for the past 9 months. The single dad decided to make his return to his South Carolina home a secret from his teenage daughter so he could give her this incredible, heartwarming surprise:

According to ABC News, Carlos described his daughter's reaction saying, “She didn’t talk. She was just crying. She was overwhelmed with everything. She thought it was a dream.”

Carlos, who has his sister take care of his daughter when he's away, said surprising her that way meant everything to him.

“After all the sacrifices she’s made, she deserves all the special arrangements and special occasions and celebrations. I’ll do anything for my daughter. The moments that she’s going to accumulate through her life, if I can make them special, then I believe I’m doing good parenting.”