Hilarious Remake of 'Home Alone' for New Ad Goes Viral, See What the Craze is About

December 20, 2018Dec 20, 2018

Fans of the 1990 classic “Home Alone” are ecstatic this week as they are reliving the greatest scenes from the movie. Google just created a “Home Alone” remake for a commercial starring Macaulay Culkin himself!

28 years after the iconic movie emerged, Google has created a brilliant ad for Google Assistant. It includes an older Kevin McCallister, burglars, and several classic scenes from the hit movie.

Kevin wakes up and realizes he is home alone when he asks Google what’s on his calendar. He then uses Google Assistant to help him throughout his day.

Shortly after the commercial was released, it went viral. “Home Alone” fans around the nation shared it and called it the most clever commercial of the season!

Below is the ad:

The marketing plan seems to already be working, as several people have taken to social media to say that they want a Google Assistant now just because of it!

What do you think about this ad? Does it make you want a Google Assistant?! Let us know! In other recent news, an award-winning singer was rushed to surgery days after giving birth. Keep her in your prayers!