Hollywood Star Dishes On Her Christian Faith And Family Values

January 07, 2016Jan 07, 2016

Melissa Joan Hart has survived in Hollywood for decades.  From her breakout role out as a child star on “Clarissa Explains It All” to her most recent sitcom “Melissa and Joey”, Hart has endured life in Hollywood by leaning on her Christian faith and family values.


In an interview with Fox, Hart was asked about being a Christian in Hollywood.  “You know, it can be a little scary sometimes to say anything,” Hart said.  “These days, it’s a talent to be politically correct.  I find that as long as I don’t care what other people think and I stand by my values, it doesn’t matter what other people say.  People are going to argue with me no matter if I say something controversial or not.  I’m going to ignore them because I have every right to say what I want to say and put out there what I feel.  I don’t judge others and I’m definitely not trying to hurt anyone’s feelings.  As far as my faith, I think it is important to share that those are my values and I’m going to use them to guide me through life and I’m not going to steer away from it, it’s part of who I am.”

The faithful mother of three boys turns 40 this year.  Between her acting career, raising her boys, and her clothing line, Hart shows no signs of slowing down.