Hollywood Offering Support to One of Their Own After His Wife's Sudden Passing

July 17, 2018Jul 17, 2018

Prolific actor, comedian, and talk show host Fred Willard has sadly lost his wife of 50 years. She was 71, reported People.

Willard and Mary had been married since 1968. They had one daughter, Hope, 49, and one grandchild, Freddie.

The details of Mary's passing are unknown. Author and actress Vicki Abelson, who was friends with the couple, revealed her passion in a tribute on Facebook.

It appears that Mary died on July 13. Abelson revealed she had spoken to Mary in the days leading up to her death, and she had told her about her upcoming medical procedures.

“I reached out to Mary Willard on Monday to see if she and Fred could jump in for Carl Reiner on Wednesday’s show. She told me she was having an angiogram that day prior to further upcoming surgery,” Abelson wrote on Facebook. “I wrote back and told her I was putting a note in my God Can and sending love and prayers. I got a beautiful note back. Late afternoon on Wednesday I received a group email from Mary with the subject, ‘I am okay’ with a wonderful note of gratitude. To say today’s news of her passing is shocking is an insane understatement.”

After the news broke, celebrity friends of the Willards sent their condolences and offered their support. It's easy to see how beloved Fred and Mary were to them.









Please pray for Fred and the rest of their family as they mourn Mary's passing. It seems like it might have been sudden. Willard isn't the only celebrity mourning a sudden passing. Actress Katharine McPhee's dad died only weeks after he engagement

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