Seinfeld Celebrity Breaks Silence on Support for President Trump and Stance on NFL Protests

October 23, 2017Oct 23, 2017

John O’Hurley has broken his silence on his support of President Trump during the 2016 presidential election. O’Hurley, who is well-known for his role on the hit T.V. series Seinfeld, knows that his views are much different than those of his fellow Hollywood actors.

"Every time I have mentioned that I supported Trump in this election, people get vicariously angry at me, and they don't believe that it's possible that someone might think differently than they do," O'Hurley shared during his interview on Thursday with Fox & Friends.

"There is a band of conservatism in Hollywood but it leans so much to one side that it doesn't allow for free discussion," he said.

O'Hurley went on to make a bold statement about those in Hollywood who think their opinion and political stance is the only correct option. “Never in the history of entertainment were actors considered moral barometers," he said. "Now all of a sudden we feel as though we have the mantle of moral behavior from Hollywood?"

The actor also shared his thoughts on the recent NFL anthem protests. He thinks players should keep their views to themselves and not use their “employment” as a platform to protest. "I think it's ridiculous. I go to the NFL for escapism. I don't want to be slapped in the face with somebody's political views," O’Hurely said. 

To see O’Hurley’s interview with Fox & Friends, watch the video below! 

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