Hollywood Celeb who Trump Blocked is now Serving Low Blow to Ivanka on Twitter

September 21, 2017Sep 21, 2017

In July, President Trump blocked a Hollywood celebrity from his Twitter account when she made a comment to him over the platform. Now, that same celebrity is making snide remarks to Ivanka Trump. 

Chrissy Tiegen, the wife of singer John Legend, told President Trump, "lol no one likes you." That comment was enough to get the model blocked from his social media account. 


Getting blocked from the president's Twitter account is not stopping Tiegen from commenting to other members of the Trump family, however. On Wednesday, she "corrected" Ivanka Trump's status. 

Ivanka had posted a photo on Twitter with her new nephew, Luke. Her status concluded with, "the best part of an otherwise incredible day!"


Chrissy Tiegen responded, calling Ivanka out for using the word "otherwise."


When someone came to Ivanka's defense trying to explain what she meant by her word choice, Chrissy said what she thought the appropriate word choice should have been. 


As of Thursday morning, Ivanka had not responded to Chrissy's remarks. 

Should it have been a different word choice? Even if so, should Chrissy have said something? Let us know your thoughts on Facebook! For a breaking news story, read our latest article about the sad passing of a star athlete and acclaimed artist. 

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