Hollywood Celeb Reveals Mother Murdered While He Stood Outside the Door

March 15, 2018Mar 15, 2018

A famous actor has just revealed his life has been rustically shaped by gun violence. Dylan McDermott lost his mother in a horrible incident.

McDermott told People that his mother was shot to death when he was only 5 years old. A man that his mother had been dating shot his mother while he was standing outside the door.

"They ultimately ruled the incident a homicide after finding enough evidence to bring murder charges against a man named John Sponza, who was dating Diane at the time. Dylan was standing outside their apartment door after John had kicked him out. The paper says Dylan heard gunshots and 'stood, stuck outside as police and an ambulance arrived,'" reported Page Six.


While the incident was originally ruled a suicide, McDermott's questions about the case, years later, prompted detectives to look into the ordeal for a second time. They found that the gun found next to his mother did not match the bullet used in the shooting.

Deeper dive into the details determined that was false. The medical examiner said the gun found near Diane wasn’t used at the scene, but the actual murder weapon would have been pressed to the back of her head, according to reports.



McDermott has had numerous television and movie roles and is a well-known actor in Hollywood. However, many people did not know of his traumatic past.

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