Hollywood Actress on Trump: 'Where's John Wilkes Booth When You Need Him?'

September 10, 2018Sep 10, 2018

President Trump is one of the most polarizing figures of the past few decades. He has gained a lot of criticism by sticking to his conservative beliefs and following through on his campaign promises.

While some people are glad that President Trump is leading the country, others couldn't be angrier. Some have even taken to advocating for violence against the President.

While Hollywood is generally known for being against Republican presidents, the amount of hate for President Trump is at an all-time high among entertainers. Now, a legendary Broadway actress just said something that is even shocking for Hollywood icons.

"Veteran Broadway actress Carole Cook referenced Abraham Lincoln's assassin while responding to a question about President Trump, asking: “'Where is John Wilkes Booth when you need him?'"

Cook seemed to know exactly how horrible her words were and she was unapologetic! She went on to say she didn't even care and just hoped not to go to prison.

“'Will I be on an enemies list?' the nonagenarian performer — who also appeared in 1984’s 'Sixteen Candles' — continued, as her husband stood alongside her, smiling. 'My God, I hope so. Just keep me out of jail,'" Cook added.

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