Hollywood Actress Gets Attacked for Calling Out Alt-Left

September 01, 2017Sep 01, 2017

On August 29th, Oscar-nominated actress Jessica Chastain stepped out of line. Chastain considers herself a liberal, but she lost their support when she retweeted an article calling out the Alt-Left. 


Chastain got attacked for sharing this article from the Time Magazine. The article by Gil Troy, a professor of history at McGill University, proposed the Alt-Left was a part of the problem in the Charlottesville violence. The article reaches an interesting conclusion. 

"Yes, calling radicals the “alt-left” is mischievous, tarring those fanatics with their ideological rivals’ brush. But as Communists and Fascists showed, the political world is round. If you go too far left or right, you meet in the anti-democratic land of intolerance and violence," concludes Troy. 

Chastain replied to the article, "Interesting article. If we resort to violence as a way to combat hate, we become what we are fighting." 

Liberals on Twitter replied by criticizing Chastain. Some attacked her by comparing her to President Trump. Others criticized her for being white and privileged. 




Chastain replied by arguing the merits of non-violent protests. She used a MLK quotation, but that only led to her being criticized for being a white woman and a "white moderate." 



To prove her point, she also posted an article that quantified the effectiveness of non-violent protest. However, that wasn't enough for the liberals. They continued to attack her on social media for expressing her views. 


Finally, Chastain posted a video of herself, essentially apologizing for her original post. She completely changed her tone; shifting from logic to emotion. 

“I’m making a video because my heart is very heavy,” said Chastain, who was on the verge of tears. “I’ve learned so much the past few days about the trauma many people are experiencing in our country. I’ve had the opportunity to listen, more than to speak, and it’s really hard for me to express my feelings, my thoughts, in 140 characters.”


She continued, “I wanted you guys to know that I hear you. I want you to know that I’m committed to creating transformative social change, that I’m committed to dismantling systems of oppression. I share in the sense of what is happening in the country.”

She concluded her video with these words: “I hear you. You may never have met me, but I love you.”

Apparently the Social Justice Warrior on Twitter beat Chastain into submission. It will be a while before she steps out of line and disagrees with the Democratic status quo. In other celebrity news: Hollywood Actor, Trump Ally Dies after Long Illness

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