Hollywood A-Lister Returns to Rehab

May 16, 2019May 16, 2019

Hollywood icon Heather Locklear is heading back once again to a rehabilitation center. After seeking treatment multiage times in the past, Locklear's family is hopeful for a better outcome this time around.

According to reports, Locklear, 57, is currently living in an in-patient facility.

“She went back to rehab two weeks ago. She went back to the place she left before Christmas. She had left for three days right before Christmas and never gone back,” PEOPLE reports. “Heather’s problem is she doesn’t get serious about anything,” says the source. “She was continuing to drink.”

“Her issue is alcohol, pills, and her mental health. She doesn’t want anybody to hold her accountable. She has no job, nothing to keep her accountable. This has been tearing up her family. It’s been an ongoing issue for many many years. It has been horrible for Ava,” the report continues.

Sadly, the "Melrose Place" star has spent the last several years in and out of rehab for her mental health and substance abuse. She has also had police respond to her residence for medical calls and disturbances. Locklear was even charged with one count of battery on a police officer once when police had been called.

Our hearts go out to Heather as she is battling this addiction. We pray she, and all those struggling with substance abuse, will get the help needed!

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