Hobby Lobby Makes Big Announcement about Stores Closing

July 20, 2017Jul 20, 2017

You would think a news publication as big as the US Herald would get their facts straight. But it just goes to show you can't trust everything you read. On July 11th, the online conservative news site said that Hobby Lobby, a beloved home and craft store owned by Christians, was shutting down all of its stores.

In fact, the news site claimed to have an open letter from the founder, David Green, announcing the closure. The article circulated so widely that Hobby Lobby had to finally issue a formal statement shutting down the rumors--much to the joy of Hobby Lobby's faithful customers. 

"The online article gives the impression that Hobby Lobby founder and CEO, David Green, has decided to shut down all Hobby Lobby stores. The good news is that the report is false. Hobby Lobby is not closing stores," said Hobby Lobby's statement.

"In fact, the company is experiencing tremendous growth, opening 50 new stores in 2017 with plans to open more in the following years," continued Hobby Lobby, as the Christian Post shares. "The company looks forward to meeting customers' expectations with super selection and super savings for many years to come."

Hobby Lobby has often made the news for standing for Christian values, especially when they are unpopular. The Christian chain came under intense media scrutiny for opposing Obama's healthcare mandate for all employers to pay for employees' birth control, including abortifacient drugs. 

Many Christian consumers have strongly supported Hobby Lobby's bold faith, and we at Faith Family America are so proud of them as well. How do you feel about Hobby Lobby? Are you glad to hear this good news that they are definitely not closing?