HOA Fines Homeowner $100 Per Day Due To Christmas Lights

Christmas is just around the corner and many people consider it their favorite holiday. Some Florida residents are feeling more Grinch-like due to recent news. One HOA (homeowners’ association) has implemented some very harsh rules about just how early can you put up Christmas lights in Florida, with one homeowner in particular facing a fine for putting up their Christmas lights somewhat prematurely.

It’s Beginning To Feel A Lot Like…Fines

The Moffa family, from Westchase in Florida, doesn’t hide their love of Christmas. They light up their Christmas lights whenever the days get shorter and the temperature drops. In this case it was November 6. While some people may find that a little too early, everyone celebrates the holidays differently, and people are allowed to enjoy things as long as they don’t hamper anyone else’s life.

But the local homeowners’ association felt very differently than the Moffa family and they made their stance quite clear. The Moffa Family was sent a letter that shocked them, with some fine print that wasn’t quite the Christmas bonus they had in mind for this year.

Pay to Play

The letter stated that the lights were up too early. They were also informed that failing to take the lights down would result in the fine of $100 a day until Thanksgiving, which the Moffas’ HOA says is the proper time to put up seasonal lights. The fine is currently at $1,000. Otherwise, it could have reached a staggering $1,900. This is a lot to spend on Christmas cheer.

Michael Moffa, the father of the family, commented, “Right before Christmas, who could be a grinch to hand this out? [With] the holidays and the pandemic, I think the kids are wanting something that’s more bright to look at.”

He’d hired a company to put up the lights since he was unable to do so himself, and the only availability the company had was before Thanksgiving. The Moffa family countered the $100 per day fine by offering to keep lights off to not bother neighbors. However, their counteroffer was rejected.

Season’s Beatings

We can understand his position, but the HOA claims that they are trying to stop people leaving their lights on all year. This can be very triggering for some people. This is one of those cases that it all comes down to the individual. You must follow the rules if you live in an HOA. Some will say that is a “Grinch stance”, and some will say it is necessary.

It is, therefore, just as divisive as and polarizing than everything else in 2021.