HLTH Code Complete Meal Is a Different Kind of Meal Replacement Shake

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When it comes to losing weight, we feel like we’ve tried it all. Treadmill runs, pilates classes, piling on the protein, always ordering salads, attempting new fad diets…and always feeling miserable, hungry and unfulfilled. We can’t stay motivated — especially when we aren’t seeing results. And “quick fixes” like cleanses and crash diets usually just lead to yo-yoing weight.

One thing people try is meal replacement shakes, but they’re hard to get right. Many of them are bland, grainy, or have too many calories. They can leave you hungry. They’re less of a meal replacement and more like a crumb replacement. That’s why we did our research when looking into the HLTH Code Complete Meal, and we were so happy to find that this science-based shake is the real deal — designed for real people!


It’s amazing!

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Let’s rewind. The HLTH code complete meal was created by Dr. Ben Bikman (metabolic scientist and author), and other nutrition and industry professionals. Bikman wanted to create a way to help people lose fat mass without losing lean mass — as happens with many other diets. Bikman recommends limiting carbohydrate intake, as losing lean mass can lead to physical and metabolic problems.

“With regards to ‘sticking with it,’ by cutting carbs, rather than cutting calories, a person is able to eat until satiated and essentially follow the rule: ‘eat when you’re hungry, don’t eat when you’re not,’” he explained. “This might mean the low-carb eater may actually eat more calories than the low-fat eater, and still manage to lose body fat.”

In another article, Bikman said, “By limiting carbs, and consuming the right blend of proteins and healthy fats, you’ll not only have much more sustainable energy, it will help accelerate your metabolism, help strengthen your immune system and even aid in gut health and brain health.” And so, HLTH Code Complete Meal was born!


It’s amazing!

Buy a bag HLTHCode Complete Meal (15 dishes) at HLTHCode! Subscribe to receive $10 off your bag

HLTH Code Complete Meal was created to be “the world’s healthiest (and most delicious) meal replacement shake.” It’s a way to lose weight without having to go hungry or count calories. Each one contains 400 calories, so it’s plenty to fill you up.

The HLTHCode Complete Meal Shake contains 25 vitamins, minerals, probiotics, enzymes and probiotics. It also includes fiber and 27g of protein to keep your energy up. It also includes apple cider vinegar as well as collagen to help you really focus on your overall health. Don’t be concerned about the fat you see in the ingredients, by the way. The body needs essential fatty acids — these aren’t bad fats!

These shakes contain no added sugar or GMOs. They’re keto-friendly too, and they’re even made in the the USA at a cGMP-certified, FDA-registered facility. And we know you’re wondering about the flavors, which reviewers are totally loving. You can choose from Chocolate Macadamia or Creamy Vanilla. Or you can grab both! Feel free to add a BlenderBottle® to your purchase as well before checking out to really set yourself up for success!

It’s there!

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