History Shows Nations COLLAPSE In 8 Stages. Are We In The LAST One?

October 14, 2016Oct 14, 2016

Years ago, even decades ago, some warned that the influx of pornography would lead to a growth in homosexuality. They cited the progression of the collapse of the once very great Roman empire. But few listened, with many even scoffing: How could that ever happen? But look where we are today. Homosexuality is not only accepted, it has led way to transgenderism. And who knows what will follow that?


The potentially scary thing is that there is a historical progression of sin and its deleterious consequences on the life-cycle of a culture. Here, as published in Life Site News, Catholic pastor Charles Pope shares the 8 stages of the rise and fall of a civilization. As you read them, find which one you believe mirrors our current reality best.

  1. 1) From bondage to spiritual growth – Great civilizations are formed in the crucible. The Ancient Jews were in bondage for 400 years in Egypt. American culture was formed by the injustices that grew in colonial times. Sufferings and injustices cause—even force—spiritual growth. Suffering brings wisdom and demands a spiritual discipline that seeks justice and solutions.

  2. 2) From spiritual growth to great courage – Having been steeled in the crucible of suffering, courage and the ability to endure great sacrifice come forth. People who have little or nothing, also have little or nothing to lose and are often more willing to live for something more important than themselves and their own pleasure.

  3. 3) From courage to liberty – As a result of the courageous fight, the foe is vanquished and liberty and greater justice emerges. At this point a civilization comes forth, rooted in its greatest ideals. Many who led the battle are still alive, and the legacy of those who are not is still fresh. Heroism and the virtues that brought about liberty are still esteemed.

  4. 4) From liberty to abundance – Liberty ushers in greater prosperity, because a civilization is still functioning with the virtues of sacrifice and hard work. But then comes the first danger: abundance.  Jesus said that man’s life does not consist in his possessions. The sacrifices, discipline, and virtues responsible for the thriving of the civilization are increasingly remote from the collective conscience; the enjoyment of their fruits becomes the focus.

  5. 5) From abundance to complacency – To be complacent means to be self-satisfied and increasingly unaware of serious trends that undermine health and the ability to thrive. Everything looks fine, so it must be fine. Yet foundations, resources, infrastructures, and necessary virtues are all crumbling. As virtues, disciplines, and ideals become ever more remote, those who raise alarms are labeled by the complacent as “killjoys” and considered extreme, harsh, or judgmental.

  6. 6) From complacency to apathy – The word apathy comes from the Greek and refers to a lack of interest in, or passion for, the things that once animated and inspired.  Many seldom think or care about the sacrifices of previous generations and lose a sense that they must work for and contribute to the common good.  Working and sacrificing for others becomes more remote. Hard work and self-discipline continue to erode.

  7. 7) From apathy to dependence – As discipline and work increasingly seem “too hard,” dependence grows. Having lived on the sacrifices of others for years, the civilization now insists that “others” must solve their woes. This ushers in growing demands for governmental, collective solutions. This in turns deepens dependence, as solutions move from personal virtue and local, family-based sacrifices to centralized ones.

  8. 8) From dependence back to bondage – As dependence increases, so does centralized power. Dependent people tend to become increasingly dysfunctional and desperate. Seeking a savior, they look to strong central leadership. But centralized power corrupts, and tends to usher in increasing intrusion by centralized power. Family and personal virtue are now replaced by an increasingly dark centralized control, hungry for more and more power. In this way, the civilization is gradually ended, because people in bondage no longer have the virtues necessary to fight.

Wow, pretty eye-opening, right? Where do you think America is on this scale? Let us hear your thoughts and prayers in the Comments! Thank you!