Hillary Was Asked What She'd Do Differently About Her Campaign, Her Answer Is HILARIOUS!

March 03, 2017Mar 03, 2017

On Thursday, Hillary Clinton attended a Question-and-Answer session at Wellesley College.

The college had previously promised to live stream the event as well as host overflow seating. However, for an unknown reason, they decided to cancel both events and made all students in the actual auditorium turn their cell phones off to "ensure this remains a private Wellesley event," according to The Hill.

According to Wellesley News, Hillary was asked what she'd do differently about her campaign for President. Clinton's answer is hilarious.

"I'd win," said Clinton.

“You know you’re going to be subject to unfair and besides-the-point criticism,” she added. “Compromise is not a dirty word in democracy.” 

On so many levels this is a priceless answer. Hillary sees the only mistake as being a loss.  She takes zero credit for misleading and lying to the American people. She wouldn't change a thing about the numerous emails that were inappropriately sent by her staff and her party.

She has proven that even after months to reflect on her loss, she holds none of the blame herself and sees her campaign as having been flawless, something millions of Americans disagree with. She also credits "unfair" criticism after running the nastiest campaign in history against President Trump.

It should also be noted that Wellesley College is an all women's college. Clinton graduated from there in 1969.


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