Hillary Supporters Going To Extreme Lengths To Try To Get Her Elected

November 28, 2016Nov 28, 2016

For some, this election isn't over yet. Since the Elector College won't be meeting until Dec. 19, electors in some states are not legally bound to cast their vote the same way the voters in their district did. And now a number of electors are receiving a daily barrage of threats — even death threats — by Hillary supporters trying to get them to switch their vote from Trump to Hillary in a last-ditch effort to throw the election.

According to World Net Daily, one elector in particular, 22-year-old Michael Banerian of Michigan, has been getting threats from people wishing he'll end up under a bus to others wanting to personally shoot him in the head if he doesn't change his vote.

Banerian said, “I’ve just gotten a lot of ‘you’re a hateful bigot and I hope you die,’ which is kind of ironic, that they’re calling me hateful and yet wishing for my death. They don’t even know me.”

The threats have gotten so persistent that the secretary of state in Georgia has sent out a message telling people to stop trying to manipulate electors, saying, “Our office has received numerous reports of individuals hurling insults and threats at Georgia’s Electors because they are unsettled with America’s choice for President of the United States. This is absolutely unacceptable and those participating in or encouraging these efforts should stop."

Arizona electors, also operating in a state where electors are not bound, are reporting "being hit by a flood of" demands. Michigan is not one of those states.

Banerian complained, “Even if I could, I wouldn’t be remotely interested in changing my vote. The people of Michigan spoke, and it’s our job to deliver that message.”

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