Hillary’s Attempt To Shame Trump Backfires In A MAJOR Way When Miss Universe’s Past Is Revealed

September 30, 2016Sep 30, 2016

During the Presidential debate on Monday, Hillary Clinton tried out a new attack on Republican nominee Donald Trump. She attempted to paint Trump as a sexist because he had commented on the sudden weight gain of one of his Miss Universe pageant winners.


Alicia Machado won the title of Miss Universe in 1996. The Miss Universe pageant is a contest in which the contestants willingly put themselves in the spotlight to be prodded and judged based on many factors, including their looks. Very shortly after winning the contest, Machado underwent a sudden weight gain to the tune of 22 pounds. Trump commented on the sudden change and according to Breitbart, Clinton is now trying to use Trump’s concern for his contestant as a ploy to belittle Trump’s campaign.

Clinton’s attempt to use Machado as a campaign symbol ended up backfiring when Machado’s seedy past re-emerged this week. Hillary Clinton might want to think twice before using Machado again for her spiraling campaign. Here are several reasons why:

In 1998, several years after her Miss Universe win, Machado was reported to have been the getaway driver for her then boyfriend after he shot his brother in law in the head. In addition to being the getaway driver, Machado was accused of threatening to kill the judge that had her boyfriend arrested.

If the threats weren’t enough, in 2005 Machado was engaged to be married to an MLB player. During that time she appeared on a reality TV show and engaged in an adulterous affair with the host. The scandal led to the engagement being called off.

In addition to those scandals, Machado also appeared nude for Playboy in 2006.

The attempt by Hillary Clinton to shame Trump for a singular comment 20 years ago pales in comparison to the long list of shameful activities that Machado or even Clinton have been involved in.

You can bet that Trump will have ammunition ready for the next debate.