Hillary Running For Office Again?! Major Newspaper Endorses Failed Candidate

January 09, 2017Jan 09, 2017

The New York Post, which was founded in 1801 by founder father Alexander Hamilton and claims to be the nation’s oldest continually publishing daily newspaper, endorsed President-Elect Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton during the presidential election cycle.

But now they’re endorsing Hillary for a new office.

Newsmax sparked a media buzz last week when Democratic sources told them that Hillary is talking about running against Bill de Blasio this November and taking away his title of New York City mayor.

And those Democratic sources think she’ll win.

In response, the New York Post endorsed her for mayor, according to Newsmax, writing that she was too leftist to be President of the United States but is a good fit for New York City, where she won more than 80 percent of the votes over Trump, according to Reuters.

The Post wrote that Hillary is "Progressive, but not obsessed with proving it — nor with trying to use the mayoralty to become a national leader.”

The Post also called Hillary " a fighter and a problem-solver” and said the city needs someone like her “who’ll run herd on city government.”

But Reuters thinks the chances of Hillary running are remote, citing Hillary insider Neere Tanden, who said, “I don't expect her to ever run for any elective office again.”

What do you think? Do you think Hillary might run again, and could she win as NYC mayor?