Hillary Did WHAT To Help Trump’s Son-In-Law?!

January 10, 2017Jan 10, 2017

The cries of nepotism have been loud and abundant following President-Elect Donald Trump’s announcement that he plans to make his son-in-law Jared Kushner his unpaid senior adviser.

But according to leftist publication The Daily Beast, Ivanka Trump’s husband might have a big boost ahead in getting his path cleared to take the job.

Why? Because of former First Lady Hillary Clinton.

Here is how that is now a strong possibility:

An anti-nepotism law has been in place for presidential administrations since the days of President Lyndon B. Johnson, but it was challenged in 1993 when President Bill Clinton selected his wife to lead his health care rehaul — later known as “Hillarycare.”

Two federal judges determined at the time that the long-standing anti-nepotism law did not apply to White House staff.

Now, the Daily Beast says that those judgments may set a precedent for Kushner to easily take a position with Trump’s White House staff.

What goes around comes around, eh?

What do you think of this?