Hillary Did WHAT?! This Is Unbelievable

September 02, 2016Sep 02, 2016

Security. Security. Security. It's something drilled into the heads of everyone handling U.S. classified intelligence. Everyone except, it seems, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. A new discovery by the FBI about Hillary's e-mails will have you tearing out your hair.

The FBI just announced that they haven't found any evidence that Hillary's personal, unsecured e-mail server was accessed by foreign actors, according to Matt Zapotosky of the Washington Post, but they admitted that they couldn't do a full investigation because too many of Hillary's smartphones and mobile devices were missing.


According to Reuters, the FBI also determined the Hillary often lost her Blackberry smartphones and never found them again, leaving the information on them vulnerable.

One wonders where she lost them. Airports? Restaurants? Hotels?

And the fact that they weren't returned makes one also wonder if they and the American secrets on them ended up in unscrupulous hands.

What do you think of this?